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Topics in Entrepreneurship: Idea Generation (Grades 6-12)

Topics in Entrepreneurship: Idea Generation (Grades 6-12)

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This standalone pair of youth entrepreneurship lessons features detailed preparation, step-by-step instructions, teaching tips, and all the slides and handouts needed for teaching Idea Generation for grades 6-12!

Topics in Entrepreneurship: Idea Generation contains 120 minutes of content and features the following activities:

  • Group Brainstorming & Brainwriting
  • Roleplaying & Reverse Brainstorming
  • Visual Idea Generation

See curriculum license for use here! After purchase, check your email for a link to register for and download the curriculum.

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What others are saying...

"Using it (VentureLab Topics in Entrepreneurship) for 5 weeks now. I downloaded it, opened it up, starting using and it works! The VentureLab resources and they're easy to follow! If I can do it, then so can other teachers! Your activities have meat! Other entrepreneurship programs are more like appetizers. VentureLab offers a full course meal. The students are engaged and they're liking the activities, especially when they get to make things."

Bill Lindsey
Entrepreneurship Teacher, Kansas City, MO